What’s holding your small-biz sales and marketing team back?

Small and medium sized companies have one major challenge that large organizations don’t typically have to worry about...they are chronically under resourced (not enough people and/or budget).

This is something the founders of TwoSpot are all too familiar with. Combined, they have over 40 years sales and marketing experience supporting start-ups, small and medium sized organizations, and big brands.

We were working in the digital space well before it the term “digital marketing” was coined. And, many years before advancements in tracking and collection technology, making big data possible, we were analyzing data that was difficult to find.

With all this experience, we’ve learned a lot, like:

  1. Some smaller business-to-business organizations are just now waking up to the potential of digital marketing and social media.

  2. Many more are aware of the benefits but don’t have the expertise or resources to implement an effective digital strategy.

  3. All digital strategies, especially for smaller budgets, should be holistic and cohesive with offline marketing plans.

  4. Marketing generalists, who are perfect for small- to medium-sized companies, can’t do it alone. With many conflicting priorities, they need support from specialists.

  5. Many organizations spend a lot of money on driving traffic to their website, and (as per Adobe’s 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey report shows) only a fraction of that budget is spent on converting site visitors to customers.

  6. Sales teams and managers often must waste valuable time on administrative tasks that take their focus away from their main responsibility—revenue generation.

  7. Small- to medium-sized companies often unknowingly put constraints on their marketing team (or person) causing them to lose focus and effectiveness.

  8. Sales and marketing team goals, especially at smaller organizations, MUST be aligned in order for them to be successful.

  9. And, we understand every successful B2B organization is fundamentally "sales organization." Everything they do, and everyone they hire, must support revenue generation.

Along the way Lucy Railton and Sonya Willsher, founders of TwoSpot, recognized small- and medium-sized businesses need the right level of support (consultation and execution) specific to their requirements and goals. Not watered down plans developed for large multi-national organizations by big budget agencies.

We understand your challenges aren’t a simple as needing a new pretty website, an online advertising campaign, or to generate unqualified leads. And we know not every business is at the same stage. This is why we launched TwoSpot—to help businesses determine their needs, strategies and then deliver the digital marketing, traditional marketing, social selling, or sales operations services they need.

TwoSpot can help develop a customized action plan based on your stage and need. Whether you're starting from ground zero and are unsure where to start — or are ready to accelerate your growth with advance digital marketing strategies, we'll walk you through our process with clear deliverables.

What challenges are holding your sales and marketing team back? TwoSpot can help you figure out what those challenges are and how to overcome them. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss – we’ll even buy the lattes.

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